Snidely Sidewinder and the Unrepentant Uke Boys

By Jason Robinson


"Do I have Beer in my Mustache?" was a phrase unrepentantly asked by one Ned Barrett at a recently Snidely Sidewinder and the Unrepentant Uke boys gig. What makes Snidely Sidewinder and the Unrepentant Uke boys Spartanburg South Carolina's best kept secret until now? Well, let’s start with the look according to the quartet's Facebook page the group has a wardrobe that is something like “Oliver Twists nightmares”, then there is the mustache (sometimes fake) that is also the bands logo, the flat hipster hat, the bicycle and of course the most importantly of all the sweet sound of the Ukulele. Now to introduce your new favorite band members there is Joe Mullinax, Ned Barrett, Scott Robbins and Mikey Reiding. Collectively all members eat nails for breakfast with hold the milk. The fellas have came a long way past few years and are putting together an impressive resume that includes everything from being  guests and performing on WSPA  News Channel 7's Jack and Kimberly to opening for Kathleen whale. The first time I had witness the band up close and personal was outside HUB-BUB The Showroom while waiting on the Southern Culture on the Skids show. They had set up an improv gig outside the building with the Uke case open for tips. I was hook line and sinker for the guys and since then have become an avid follower of the quartet that is making me proud to be a native of Spartanburg.


The songs being sung are drinking songs and songs that may offend your mother. If you ever catch a gig do expect zany covers of Leon Redbone's I wanna be seduced, Ernest Tubb's Driving nails in my Coffin, Frank Zappa's Dirty Love, Todd Snider's Beer Run and they have a original song with suggestive lyrics entitled Little Ukulele. If your able to catch them in the Christmas season you hear Your a mean one Mr. Grinch, Backdoor Santa, and I want an Alien for Christmas, and if its Halloween expect to hear Mikey belt out Monster Mash, or hear Scott Robbins (aka Dr. Sock Monkey) turn the rock up  with Time Warp.

 They have released a CD now entitled The Precious Core of my Love-Muffin (has fallen away) and has five tracks to serinate your ears at a reasonable listening volume. Also it must be noted that at the past Chapman Culture Center gig Joe and Ned gave what is now considered the best damn kazoo solo this side of the Mississippi. The guys have performed at such venues as Brick house Pizza, Farmers Market, Dickens of a Christmas, Jam in the Park, Music Camp, HUB-BUB The Showroom, and many private parties. If you live or in the city your gonna see the guys hanging out in the city they love so weather its Mikey Reiding hanging out at Madd Max Comics or Ned Barrett taking refuge at Little River Coffee after a ride Downtown on the B-Cycle. The future is bright for the group as they are set to perform at this year’s Spring Fling downtown. So, go “like” them on the Facebook and be sure to check a gig soon for after the gig free novelty mustaches for everyone!

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