Railhouse Restaurant

Railhouse Restaurant


"Never heard of it. Where the heck is it in Fountain Inn?"

Being used to venturing to Main Street "Anytown", Haywood Rd, or Woodruff Rd for a good meal, those were the first words out of my mouth when a friend told me about the awesome food he had at Railhouse Restaurant. Always up for something new, April and I headed out on a Friday night to check it out and see exactly what got him so excited.

As we pulled into the nearly full parking lot on the outskirts of Ft. Inn, just off I-385, I got the feeling that the town must be trying to keep the place a secret so that they can have it all to themselves.

The restaurant, right next to the train tracks, still has the character of the Honky Tonk Joint that it was over 20 years ago, with the original bar and raw wood plank walls. The food, however, is definitely not juke joint fare.

After a very short wait, our hostess, Brittany, showed us to our table and handed us a menu filled with so many delicious choices it made it tough to decide. While we sorted through the menu, our server, Kayla, brought us some of the Railhouse signature shrimp dip. Our eyes being bigger than our stomachs, we ended up with a table full of food – hot wings, raw oysters, shrimp and grits, chicken and shrimp jambalaya, and, of course, a Railhouse Margarita for April.

Owner Spencer Abercrombie has created a great new destination for people coming from the Golden Strip area, Laurens, or Greenville. It was really nice to enjoy a dinner like this while venturing off the beaten path. Our food was delicious, the service was fast, the atmosphere was relaxed, and the price was reasonable, making it a great new find for the evening. We look forward to heading back soon to try some of the other dishes such as the Brown Sugar Salmon, Low Country Boil, or one of their many burgers and sandwiches. Since they are open for lunch, we may have to make a noontime visit next time.

Railhouse Restaurant:

1003 N. Old Laurens Rd.
Fountain Inn, SC  29644


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