Shot of Love - Live at SOS Bash

sos bash tsShot of Love performed at Shady's in Union, SC as part of the SOS Bash (Support Our Shriners), and we were fortunate to have been able to attend and capture some of their performance. Shot of Love is based out of Lexington, SC, and plays all over the southeast with their blend of classic rock, beach, country, and original songs. All of the band members sing, so the variety of music blew us away during their set.

The SOS Bash wasn't just some random event that the band decided to play at.

When Joe Bates, guitarist and vocalist for the band, was 13 years old, he was severely burned when a gas can ignited from the fumes coming in contact with the pilot light of a water heater. Burned over 90% of his body, he was not expected to survive. That is when the Shriner's organization stepped in, loading the critically injured Joe onto a Lear Jet bound for the Shriner's Burn Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio. After 9 months of their care, Joe was able to return home. He had lost most of the fingers on both hands, as well as his right foot. in addition to his other injuries. But the Shriner's weren't done with Joe. 3 years later, after reconstructive surgery at the Shriner's Hospital in Greenville, SC, Joe was able to walk again. In all, they helped Joe with over 100 surgeries over 9 years. Joe does everything possible to support the Shriner's due to their impact that they have had on his life, as well as countless other lives.

Shot of Love is:
Joe Bates: Guitar and vocal
Erin Bates: Vocals and acoustic guitar
Todd McGowan: Vocals and Bass Guitar
Darron Williams: Drums and Vocals
Scott Moore: Guitar, vocals

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