Mother Shutter's Photo Recap 2013

Mother Shutter PhotographyIf you have read any stories here on Carolina Mixer, chances are you have also viewed photos from talented contributing music photojournalist, April Britt-Kelly aka "Mother Shutter". April has put together some cool videos showing a collection of photos from the last year, and accompanied by music from local musicians. Click though to take a stroll down memory lane, as well as to possibly hear some new original music from people you may not have had a chance to check out yet.

"Mother Shutter Rocks 2013 - Part 01"

Music: "Act Your Age" by Eric Britt from the album "Greener" (Purchase MP3)

Partial list of featured artists and venues in video: Eric Britt, Tez Sherard, Kevin Heuer, Mike Whitt, Late To Bloom, Jane M Kemp, Tazz Ted Price, Timothy DeLisle, Jody Scott, Brian Kennedy, Jaze Uries, Laura Michaels, Tim Bethea, Teresa DeGeer, Fayssoux McLean, Matthew B Knights, Donald Ceasar, Vonna Lawter, Mickey Cooksey, Richie Tipton, Joshua Jones, Carolina Mixer, Smiley's Acoustic Café

"Mother Shutter Rocks 2013 - Part 02"

Music: "Damage" by "Late To Bloom"

Partial list of featured artists and venues in video: Shane Lasseter, Max Hightower, Gary Nelson Stevens, Sydney McMath, Sean Cronin, Joe Jones, Lou Buckingham, John Volianitis, Cynthia Jamison-Brashier, Curtis Baker, Cold Shot, Bob Burns, Scott Raines, Douglas Knight, Bobby Nichols, Mac Arnold, Calvin Edwards, Angela Easterling, Todd King, Drew Kelly, Evan Foreal, Austin Brashier, David Ezell, Robb Lowe, Shane Pruitt, Late To Bloom, Taylor Moore, Kelly Jo, Brian Kelly

Mother Shutter Photography



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